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Massage Treatments

Massage Treatments

Using AromaWorks skin care products we will treat your skin to a powerful combination of natural essential oils and active ingredients to deliver outstanding results every time!

Fancy an extra an extra spot of pampering?

Ask us about our TREAT ME upgrades! For just £10 extra, you can add one of the following treats in your treatment. Choose from Neck and Shoulder massage, Lower Back massage, Hydrate and smooth facial treatment, Firming facial massage, Scalp Massage, Hand and Arm massage or Pressure point foot massage.

Our TREAT ME upgrades take an additional 15 minutes and they can only be enjoyed alongside a full treatment.

Relaxing Hot Stones Massage

£17 Short (Treatment Time: 25 min)

£27 Medium (Treatment Time: 40 min)

£37 Long (Treatment Time: 55 min)
  • Hot stones massage has to be one of the enjoyable, relaxing and therapeutic massages available. The heat of the stones penetrates deep into the muscle tissue allowing the muscles to relax 4-5 times quicker than in a standard massage, easing muscle tension and revitalising the muscle tissue by increasing blood circulation.
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Swedish Massage

£15 Short (Treatment Time: 25 min)

£25 Medium (Treatment Time: 40 min)

£35 Long (Treatment Time: 55 min)
  • Swedish massage is a faster and more vigorous treatment that will leave you feeling refreshed and energised. This massage is the ideal massage for those clients who want to ease muscular tension as appose to received a relaxing slower paced treatment. Simply choose how long you would like the massage to last from the above choices.
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